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Member Benefits:

As a CAP member you can take advantage of our many member benefits.  All members receive a subscription to CAP Volunteer Magazine. 

CAP also offers a variety of member discounts and affinity programs including rental car discounts, insurance, pilot merchandise and more. 

With the exception of the magazine, no member dues or other funds are used to procure benefits to CAP members.   READ MORE

Types of Squadrons:

  • Senior – Senior squadrons only have an adult program for senior members 18 years of age 
    and squadrons.

  • Cadet – Cadet squadrons only have a youth program for cadets.  There are senior
    members in this program, but their purpose is to manage the youth program.  Adults can
    join if their primary interest is working with the cadets.

  • Composite – Composite squadrons have both a senior and a cadet program.

  • Patron Membership -- Many citizens want to support the great work of CAP, but simply
    don’t have the time or ability.  If you find that you can’t be an active volunteer, you can
    still help by becoming a member of the National Patron Squadron.  The dues are $35 per
    year and you receive a CAP magazine and access to all member benefits.  Even though
    patron members do not actively participate in CAP activities, your dues will help further
    support CAP’s 
    service to communities.   Join online


Every day, Civil Air Patrol volunteers are making a difference.  
CAP volunteer members give back to their country and their communities by serving in CAP.  When people are in need, CAP members are quick to volunteer their time and resources to help out in any way possible.  Sometimes, the person who needs help is a CAP member.  Members have suffered through natural disasters and lost everything to tornadoes, floods and hurricanes.  CAP Cares is able to provide funding to help CAP members rebuild, restock or just help pay he bills.  Other members have suffered traumatic accidents or are suffering from medical disorders.  CAP Cares can help, even if it's just ensuring that their membership is renewed so they can keep one thing constant and normal in their lives.  You can help provide support to CAP members in need by donating today.  Click here now to donate online!

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