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Ongoing -- Equal Opportunity (EO) Training:  From Our Commander:  Group II continues to emphasize the importance

of Equal Opportunity Training.  Though this is now a requirement of Level I for Senior Members, many of our seasoned

members have not taken the course. In addition, it is a Group II goal to have ALL members, including cadets, participate

in this training.  Please schedule 10-15 minutes of professional development training in your unit to complete this task. 

The following link is for the slides for EO training.

The MARYLAND WING offers numerous training opportunities on an ongoing basis:\

View the Wing Calendar for more information.

mergency Services Training & Qualifications:

General ES Questionnaire:  CAPT 116 parts 1 & 2  --  All members of CAP who intend
to train in ANY area of Emergency or Homeland Security Services must take the CAP
General Emergency Services questionnaire, the CAPT 116before beginning any training.
This is an open book test which is intended to get you familiar with the basic facets of
Emergency Services and the Incident Command System. 

Visit the following links for more information related to General Emergency Services training presentation first.

See General Emergency Services Training Materials

See  Links to Operations Resources

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