Emergency Services

Nationally, CAP handles 85 percent of inland search and rescue missions, with approximately 75 lives saved each year. Our members are generally the first on the scene transmitting satellite digital images of the damage within seconds around the world and providing disaster relief and emergency services following natural and man-made disasters. READ MORE ABOUT CAP EMERGENCY SERVICES...

Carroll Composite SQ ES Contact - 1st Lt Deric Dunn

Emergency Services Training and Education Prerequisites/Requirements

The following links provide self-study training and prerequisite to be able to participate in emergency services training and missions for Ground or Air Operations

Ground Team Member – Level 3 (GTM-3)

Familiarization and Preparatory

CLICK HERE for complete Ground Team Member 3 Task Book.

Indiividual Tasks listed below:

Ground & Urban Direction Finding Team Tasks

Task O-0001 Prepare Ground Team Individual Equipment
Task O-0002 Conduct Individual Refit
Task O-0003 Prevent & Treat Hot Weather Injuries
Task O-0004 Prevent & Treat Cold Weather Injuries
Task O-0101 Identify Natural Hazards
Task O-0102 Prevent & Treat Fatigue
Task O-0103 Conduct Field Sanitation & Hygiene
Task O-0201 Use a Compass
Task O-0601 Conduct Actions If Lost
Task O-0902 Exercise Universal Precautions
Task P-0102 Conduct Phone Alert

Ground Team 24 Hour Pack
Ground Team 72 Hour Pack

FEMA - Independent Study Program - National Incident Management System

Homeland Security - Emergency Services

Ground SAR Forms
MD CAPF 109 – Ground Team Clearance
MD ICS 211 – Personnel Sign-in
MD 121 – Vehicle Sign-in
Ground ORM

Carroll Composite Squadron

2013 William R. Hicks Emergency Services Award Recipient

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) conducts a variety of operational missions primarily in the areas of Emergency Services (Search And Rescue (SAR), Disaster Relief (DR)), Counterdrug (CD), and Homeland Security (HLS). Most of this is done in CAP's role as the United States Air Force Auxiliary as Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) under Title 10, but CAP also provides assistance to State and Local authorities in many cases before there is a defined Federal interest under Title 36 as well.

In order to conduct these missions, there are many programs and personnel that provide Operations Support.

Carroll Composite Squadron conducted two sorties one to Cecil County Airport and on return at Route 40 and Route 272 in North East. Squadron members heard a beacon signal and prosecuted it to find the beacon under a boat at the Anchor Marina. Second Sortie was to conduct a Ramp Check at Clearview Airport and the Squadron members heard another beacon and found it in Morgan Run Park.

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