United States Air Force Auxiliary

   Carroll Composite Squadron

10 July 2018

1845 - 2100  UOD: Blues

Character Development & Promotions

***Your CAP ID is required at the door***

Seniors UOD: White Aviator or Blue Polo/Grey Pant

See the WBALTV 11 Cadet Interview 


What's Coming Up!

* Adjusted July 2018 Schedule *

  • Tuesday, July 3rd – SAFETY, PT Night, PT Testing, PT Activity, Squadron Drill

  • Tuesday, July 10 - Blues, Promotions, Character Development

  • Tuesday, July 17 - ABU/BDU, Emergency Services

  • Thursday, July 19 - Third Thursday Meeting @ Carroll Non Profit Center

  • Tuesday, July 24 - PT Night, PT Testing, PT Activity, Squadron Drill

  • Tuesday, July 31 - ABU/BDU, Aerospace Education, Promotion Boards for August Promotions

MD-039 five week schedule At-A-Glance

1st Week  Blues, SAFETY, Character Development & Promotions

2nd Week  Emergency Services

3rd Week Physical Training

3rd Thursday Meeting

4th Week Aerospace & Review Boards

Westminster, Maryland

Following the Civil Air Patrol mission, the Carroll Squadron has three primary missions:

Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services.

Located in Westminster, Maryland, our squadron provides a structured environment to introduce adults and youth ages 12 and above to aerospace science and leadership skills in a disciplined military setting focused on achievements.  The Squadron also trains for and provides emergency services, search and rescue, and supports the State's Homeland Security mission.  The Carroll Composite Squadron is recognized for its commitment to program excellence and successful youth leadership development.

Visitors are welcome!!!

For Patriots ages 12 and up, Civil Air Patrol is a vital force that protects the Americans in need by responding to emergencies, preserves the values that make our county great by developing young leaders, and ensures our country’s preeminence in aerospace and cyberspace education by dedicating ourselves to teaching future generations.

Want more information?  Contact our Squadron via email or visit a meeting.

Carroll Composite Squadron, CAP
30 N. Cranberry Road
Westminster, MD 21157

Maryland Wing - Group II

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